Anticorruption Focused courses

Anticorruption program 2016

During the 20th Anniversary celebrations in July 2015, both the American and Hungarian ILEA principles agreed that there is a need to increase training in two important areas: training to Prosecutors and Judges, and anti-corruption courses.

As a result of these discussions, in 2016 ILEA will offer a total of eight courses focused on training Prosecutors and Judges (two courses) and anti-corruption (six courses).

The themes of these courses are: Leadership, Trafficking-in-Persons, Public Corruption, Financial Investigations and Judiciary. During these courses the focus will be on how to investigate and combat corruption in the governmental organizations.

The list of the courses and the whole 2016 ILEA training schedule can be found in the Course Calendar.

On January 29, 2016, the FBI "Anticorruption Focused Leadership Course" - the first course of the series - graduated.

Students from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine graduated on January 29, 2016