ILEA Budapest welcomes guest students from Africa

ILEA Budapest welcomes guest students from Africa

Due to some technical difficulties in Botswana, our partner Academy, ILEA Gaborone needed help with their specialized courses planned for 2016.
Since cancelling these very important courses would have been a huge loss for the whole ILEA program, ILEA Budapest volunteered to organize a two-week Sex Crimes/CSI course taught by INL and FLETC and a one-week USSS course on Computer and Electronic Crimes. The participants came from Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria, Seychelles and South Africa.
It was a lovely two weeks and a great opportunity for ILEA Budapest to make new friends from such far countries.

Students at the course Banquet Dinner

Director Terpinas welcomes the course instructors at the Banquet Dinner

ILEA staff members with Inspector Mkhaliphi, participant of the CSI course

ILEA Deputy Director Dave Farthing handing over the diplomas and closing the USSS course

Students enjoying some Hungarian traditional folk dance...

...and trying it, too